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We buy textbook every day at the Kilgore bookstore.  If you cannot make it by to sell your books follow this link to sell your books back to us.

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Summer & Fall 2022 Textbooks

Summer 2022 course material will be available for online purchase beginning April 18th.  Fall 2022 course material will be available for online purchase beginning July 18th.  In store financial aid charges for Summer 2022 will open May 2nd and close July 13th.  In Store financial aid charges for Fall 2022 will open August 1st and close September 6th.  Web order pick up for summer 2022 will being on May 2nd. Web order pick up for fall 2022 will being on August 1st.  Contact the KC Bookstore at 903-983-8277 or by email at kcbooks@kilgore.edu for details.

***If you are using Financial Aid to purchase textbooks please order both Fall I and Fall II while Financial Aid is open. Financial Aid will not re-open for students who are taking Fall II Classes.***

Important Disclosures

Be aware that the site will be updated as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from publishers. Please note that because text information can change at any time (faculty changes, publisher upgrades, cancelled classes, etc) we are not responsible for information used on this site for the purchase of texts from other locations.

A student of this institution is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a university-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

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If you need to make any changes to your order, please call 903-983-8277 or e-mail us at kcbooks@kilgore.edu.

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